The Music

Motion picture soundtracks are often referred to as the ‘music nobody hears’, and chances are you’ve walked away from a film remembering only the theme song. That’s because the sole purpose of  ‘unheard’ music is to support the visuals by subconsciously manipulating your emotions.  It cues the love scenes, plays on your fears, heightens your sense of adventure; it interprets what you’re watching and, where successful, assists the filmmaker in absorbing you into an emotionally-charged, vicarious relationship with what you see on the screen.

When putting a slideshow together, choosing the music, to me, is just as important as selecting which photos to include.  As with film, the music sets the tone of the experience and should be neither too familiar nor so foreign as to distract the viewer from the visuals.  Unlike film, slideshows are a totally passive medium, and viewers of varying tastes do hear the music and are often critical of the choices made – hence, the on/off switch.

The music chosen for these slideshows are stand-alone compositions by a diverse and exceptionally talented group of composers/performers.  The compositions are both colorful and evocative, and you can just as easily enjoy the selections with your eyes closed.  Obviously, I’d prefer them open.  Either way, I’m sure you’ll walk away remembering the music and hope that you’ll take some time to explore the composers’ personal websites below where you can find out more about them, their music, and where to purchase their CD’s.



Saroja, Pt.1 (used with permission, © PREM JOSHUA 2005):

“Drawing inspiration from the deep well of the ancient music traditions of the Indian sub-continent, while remaining constantly in touch with the pulse of contemporary Western music scene, over the years (Prem) Joshua has continued to refine his awesome talent for fusion, creating a sound both distinctive and unique.”                             

Described by the Times of India as ‘The New Guru of World Fusion Music’, Prem Joshua is the number one best-selling World Music artist in India.




Pictograph Cave (used and edited with permission, © LAURA SULLIVAN 2004):

“A musician that is fast becoming one of the genres most beloved pianists.”
Michael Debbage, Solo Piano Publications

Laura Sullivan is an accomplished pianist and composer of New Age music.  Her compositions are featured in numerous films, television shows and commercials.  Laura’s third album, MYSTICAL AMERICA, from which this selection is taken, was voted #1 New Age Album of 2004 by Wind and Wire.



Gifts of Nature (© JOHN BARRY 1998): Beyondness of Things

Oscar-winning composer John Barry is better known for his soundtracks for James Bond films and Out of Africa, Midnight Cowboy and Dances with Wolves than he is for his personal music.  Before his death in 2011 he wrote two albums of ‘tone poems’ that he prized above his film scores.  Gifts of Nature is from the first of these two albums, The Beyondness of Things.